Play the Safest SEO Game
with Latest Google Algorithms Updates:

Play the Safest SEO Game with Latest Google Algorithms Updates:

21 January 2024 | By - Krishna Mohod
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One of the top most Search engines in the world known as Google no longer hangs up with irrelevant and unreliable websites. Every year it enhances the algorithm to deliver the quality content and make search procedures user friendly and relevant. Every new update of Google creates many challenges for marketers and the one who defends it using the right keywords becomes the talk of the town.

It's the nature of Google to be honest with consumers and hence, it always provides relevant search results to users. For that, it constantly strives to make changes in its ranking algorithm updates.
Lets understand the latest Google Algorithms update and play the winning game of SEO.

1. September 2022 Core Algorithm & Product Reviews Update.

Google deployed the latest update to its important algorithms, where the announcement was made through the company’s Twitter account. Core algorithm update is a change made to different parts of the algorithm platforms. So, if you observe drastic changes in website ranking, that is likely because of the changes in product or service review update. Product review update keeps eye on websites that publish product reviews.

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2. August 2022 Helpful Content Update:

Google Search Central Twitter commenced the new algorithm update named as helpful content update. This Google content update is purposefully made to conquer the original content rather than secondary data or search engine traffic drive loaded content. The primary objective is always to provide informative and organic content to users.

3. May 2022 Core Update:

In May 2022, Google unveiled the core algorithm update and brought a big twist in algorithms dairy. The purpose behind this update was to shower a particular content or language to improve the overall search. It resulted in an increase in relevance of search results. When it appeared, drastic changes were observed in Website ranking and Snippets.

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